Humanity is Beautifully Terrifying

Humanity is Beautifully Terrifying

Lemmings in an Uncanny Valley

Before two days ago I had never heard of Tha Ltd. Before two days ago I had no idea that the Tokyo-based design studio had been in operation since the early 2000s and had produced a number of different software applications and media for various clients. Before two days ago if you had asked me where you could find a video of floating purses and handbags I wouldn’t have known where to start.

And then two days ago I saw this.

I’ll be honest. I look at Humanity and I see the poignancy of the message that I’m assuming it’s trying to convey: that mankind is as beautiful as we are inevitably destructive. Perhaps I’m too cynical to appreciate that sort of clichéd sentiment these days, despite the fact that it’s annoyingly true.

Oh well.

There’s always the visuals and man are they something. It’s hard to tell what exactly the game play will entail this early on but I assume getting your crowds of humans from point A to point B will involve use of the environment. The trailer depicts various types of tiles such as ones that beam your humans up into the air or ones that send them flying across empty space onto another platform. Physics definitely seem to come into play but I haven’t really seen anything else that would indicate the sort of complexity the original Lemmings possessed (i.e. humans having individual abilities that could affect the pathing of the rest of the group).

But again, it’s early.

Humanity is slated for 2018. You can check out some of Tha Ltd.’s other work right here including a nifty little mobile game


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