Digital Boardgame Armello to Get New Character DLC, Announces Beta

Digital Boardgame Armello to Get New Character DLC, Announces Beta

It’s a Super Mutant Quadrupedal Battle Royale!

Australia-based studio League of Geeks announced on Twitter today that four new heroes would be joining the roster of playable characters in their online digital boardgame, Armello.

Adding to the excitement of the announcement is the mention of a beta period where the new heroes will be available to everyone for free beginning December 11th at 3:00 PM PST and ending December 13th also at 3:00 PM PST. This is an extremely generous move considering the ultimate outcome is for these heroes to be paid downloadable content however the 48 hour window is in the middle of the week. It may prove difficult for those with tight work schedules to be able to set aside time for it, though having a free trial period at all is still gracious.


Mixing tabletop RPG questing with card playing and dice rolling mechanics amidst gorgeously animated visuals Don Bluth would be proud of, Armello has been one of my personal favorite go-to multiplayer games since it originally launched in September of 2015.

The game didn’t set the world on fire but since its release it’s developed an extremely consistent and passionate player base who jump at every available update. The amount of support the game has received over the last two years is impressive and so I, along with everyone else in the community, anxiously await the reveal of the next posse of woodland critters with whom we will engage in glorious combat.


Armello is available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Linux and, if you’re currently residing in Australia, your mobile phone which is blowing my mind right now.

UPDATE 12/6/2017: League of Geeks have begun to slowly unveil images of the new heroes coming to the game starting with Hargrave, Thunder Earl.

His look alone makes him my favorite member of the game’s rabbit clan. His weapon appears to be a pole-arm mounted cannon and I absolutely cannot wait to see how he attacks in battle.

UPDATE 12/7/17: Oh. My. God.

UPDATE 12/8/17: If she doesn’t attack by wildly spinning her cauldron around in circles, i’ll be a bit sad.

UPDATE 12/10/17: And finally we have Fang, the Exiled. I’d say they saved the best for last but I think that’s opposite of the reason they saved him for last. His name is uninspired as is his look. Still very cool regardless but aesthetically, this one strikes me as low effort.

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